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Commuter Connector Xpress began with a dream; the dream of a young boy from Dixie Homes Housing Projects in North Memphis, Tennessee to drive buses. Now, all grown up, Darrence Jerry is the President of CCX where he gets to manage and operate a fleet of buses with the bonus of meeting new people each day. His driving career began in 2000 as an emergency service worker for a towing company were he changed tires and unlocked cars. When he became old enough to get his commercial drivers license his first job was being a school bus driver with Laidlaw. His 20 years of driving allowed him to drive for companies like Blues City Tours, Coach USA, Memphis Area Transit Authority, Cline Tours, and Detroit Metro area transit agencies SMART and Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority. In 2013 Darrence became MATA's Bus Rodeo Champion where he competed against other Bus Operators driving thru an obstacle course. Only his second time competing he had the fastest course record with the least company senority of less than six minutes.  His love for buses transformed into him starting his own business. His first company, Optimum Transportation Group, LLC provides a variety of services that includes charter bus, limousine, travel agency, consulting, and advertising services. OTG has done motion picture productions for Mountain Dew and provided contracted services for various transit agencies around the country. With  two decades of being well- seasoned in the transportation industry and passionate about what he does Mr. Jerry started Commuter Connector Xpress. His goals for CCX were to provide public transportation to underserved areas. Each day he is fully dressed in uniform with the driver's hat he is famous for and tops it off with a smile. Providing a service that allows people to maintain jobs in a difficult economy is the highlight his daily. It is in the same way he hopes services to be the highlight of you and your communtiy. Commuter Connector Xpress seeks to bridge the often overlooked gap between areas with and areas without reliable means of public transportation. Servicing cities around the U.S, he sees firsthand the plight of the many for whom a personal means of transportation is not within their immediate plans. Their dependency upon public transportation is the only fuel we need to stay on schedule and lead by service. They don’t need to live (where they are) but with CCX can be their means to where the need to be, both short and long-term. Whether we are a temporary plan for a permanent solution such as a new car, or a quick resolve for a temporary problem such as a flat tire, our mission is simple… to help you connect from point A to point B in express time. From the single mom to the employee in a rush to the youngster on their way to school or a group headed to an event, we mission is to cater to commuters in all walks of life.

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